Dandelions and Buttercups

All works Linda Cunningham

If I had all the treasures the world offers me; Riches that you measure by tens, twos and threes; I'd exchange them in a minute for the things you give to me; Like a paper cup, and in it, a dandelion for me. You picked them in the meadow when you were only three, Your eyes were all aglow as you handed them to me; You held them behind your back so that I couldn't see, Then with an impish grin, you presented them to me. Sometimes you swiped a lilac or a jonquil from a yard, And I found it very hard to scold you, yes, I found it very hard; 'Cause I appreciate the thoughtfullness, so very, very much, I hated to have to tell you, "Darling, please don't touch". Through the years I'm certain that a million times or more, A tear rolled down my face as I walked across the floor To place with honour, your gift of love, where I put them still; The dandelions and buttercups... upon my windowsill.

A Little Bit of Heaven

Sleep, little baby, with fists curled tightly, I'm temped to kiss you, oh, but lightly ! With your hand drawn under your cute little chin You pucker your lips... and I see a grin... You look so innocent and sweet lying there Without any worries and without any cares, Just a soft little bundle of flannel and cotton, Who could resist wanting to spoil you rotten ! I know there are times when you won't look so sweet (Like then you are four, and with mud on your feet.) But even nore when you cry in the middle of the night Your charms are not very long out of sight. All the sleep that is lost in your earlist years Will soon be forgotten, along with the tears That are shed while you fitfully cut your first teeth; When there are new situations that Momma must meet. Every year brings so many different joys, (Along with the problems that follow the boys.) And girls bring thier share of frowns and tears. With each passing day, and with each growing year. But every now and then, thoughts will cross my mind, And bring me back to these years in time... To when you are small, and asleep on my cover, And I first realized... that I... am a "Mother" !!


(this is a song on my cd of six songs I wrote)

Mommy, there's a couple of things I think you ought to know; You just found out I'm on the way and have said I've got to go; You're not prepared for motherhood and I'd just be in your way. You feel that since I'm "Nothing" yet, I'm a price you will not pay. I know you do not realize that I'm NOT just a "bunch of cells"; Just an appendage with no shape or form ... but listen to me well ... ONE HOUR after your union with my father I had begun to be ME, And by the time you guessed that I was here, I had already begun to be. At thirty days I had a beating heart, eyes, mouth, kidneys and a brain. In another month my bones and teeth are here, and I am moving freely. In two more weeks I can hold an object and respond to heat and pain. I drink, eat, hiccup and suck my thumb you see. I'm independent in lots of ways; I've built my home all alone. I need YOU though for my supplies, and I also need your love. Mommy, let me live, even if you don't want me now, There are kind folks waiting for someone just like me to adopt. YOUR situation might improve, then you'll be glad to see me. Please let me live ... to be president ... or a cop. One more plea, Mommy dear, just let me live a while here, Then if you can't care for me as you would like to do ... give me away ... Then, instead of my death, you would have a conscience clear. I know you, and I want you to be happy too ... So, what do you say? With the greatest love you'll ever know, Your unborn

  • All works Linda Cunningham