Linda and Ex at Opryland Hotel


My name is Linda M. Cunningham. I am a DWF, over 70, I have lived all over P.G. County

in MD, and a little of A.A. CO. ,Eastern Shore and Louisa & Mineral, VA.

Went back in WV, Single again, spent 3 years in Tampa, FL.


My sons are in the building, construction, brick laying, floor

business except one who works for a telecommunications firm in

Tampa. Well, he is the General Manager now, in the firm in Tampa! Florida.

Children and Grandchildren ; Rick & Cheryl Kesner in WV had 2 boys,grandaughter

but sadly lost their first son in 2003. J.D.. Age 18

Brenda lived in CA. and died there in 2003. She was 41. She

had 2 girls & 1 boy and several grandchildren.

K. Roger and Monica Kesner in WV next door to brother Rick, has 3

boys and a few grandsons!

Pat and Annette Sheehan live in Florida and now I am here as well. They have

2 sons. They also had a tragedy when they had a stillborn. There

is a site dedicated to all three tragedies . Good news is they

now have 2 beautiful healthy little boys!

Curtis "Butch",and his wife, Liz live in WV, Liz has a grown boy

and girl,and grandchildren!!

And finally, Mike had moved to Springfield, from MD to Springfield, WV where I grew up!... He is now elsewhere.

(There are pictures of us all at the bottom of the page.. Put there

so the page will load up and so you don't HAVE to see them if you

don't want to wait. )Mike is now in Fort Ashby, WV

My Dad, G. Kenneth Moreland, Springfield, WV, passed away in 1990.

My Mom, Maybelle J. Warnick passed away in 2010


If you knew me somewhere, drop me a line

at my E-Mail address, properly I.D. yourself,

and we'll catch up on each other !

Find me on Facebook.Linda Moreland Cunningham E-MAIL ME HERE


Presently I am retired on disability.

I also used to do Patsy Cline Tribute shows. For a couple of years I

performed at the Warren County Fair. in 2005 and 2006 I sang with a

couple of Olde Tyme County Bands in Romney. I sang at a cafe in Romney and one in FL.

(see poster below)

I also write poems. I wrote a book , "THE SEX LIFE OF A PING PONG

BALL ". It is poetry, satires and songs and has nothing to with the

love life of a ball in any court. Catchy title though, don't you think?

A friend of mine, Richard Armentrout, had put music to some of my poems

and we have done a few songs together that were not in the book. Rich

is now living and working in Nashville,TN. ! He is performing

there. His son has a studio and Rich has a radio show called Third Coast

Live. He also works with B.B.King.

I just met my long lost son and info is here:


The Band in Romney, 2005 and 2006

this is Rick, .. Roger, .. Butch, ..Me ..Pat, and Mike

. .. Taken in year 2000

Taken with wives - 2002

Brenda Lea .. My daughter.. taken a few years ago.. She passed away in 2003

Butch and Liz

Pat and I

Patrick and Annette

Mike .. 2 shots..

This is my great-grand-son Austin .. all 3 look just alike. LOL

My Mom and Dad in 1952. The Sunset Pals

They played bluegrass and for square dances.


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