Remembering our Son, Jeremiah Thomas

Our Little Angel

copyright, Patrick Sheehan, 7/13/03

We’ve been working on the house making a room just for you.

We want everything to be just right – a sky on the ceiling

So you’ll always have the light.

We’ve painted and cleaned and thanked the Lord for you.

Everything is ready now, our prayers are finally coming true.


We decorated the tree and hung a special ornament for you 'about-to-be'.

It’s the happiest of times for us. We can’t wait to meet you,

Hold your hand, touch your face.

You’re a special little one, you’re our little Angel.

The time is getting near, my Dear, for you to finally meet us.

Ours are the voices you’ve been hearing for so long

As we spoke to you, Mommy sang to you, and we read you lullabies.

We are so filled with joy and can’t wait to soothe your cries.

I hope we make good parents and do nothing wrong.


You never saw our faces, we never dried your little tears.

We only got to hold you once, only to have to let you go.

You’ll never know, my son, how much we love you

And how we miss you so.

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go……


We think about you all the time.

Visit your little grave, look at your picture.

Who knew you’d really have it when we wanted the sky for you.

We’ve been working on the house, but not the room made just for you.

You are with us every day, we know…

But it’s hard, Son, oh, so hard, Son,

So know, you’ll always be our little Angel.


© Patrick T. Sheehan 2003

We love you Jeremiah…

Mommy and Daddy


I slept snugly in the shelter of the womb,

Perfectly protected in my very special room.

Only Jesus knew me, I was yet unborn,

That sorrowful day your heart was torn.

You were left with only baby things,

I was carried away on Angels' wings.

Taken to a far better place,

Secure in the comfort of Jesus' embrace.

Babies born in Heaven are beautifully blest,

For they have only known the best.

Their lullabies sweet Angels sing,

In the Palace Nursery of The King,

How you grow up, but you never grow old.

It's warm and comfy, but never cold.

Heaven's playgrounds are always safe,

For even the tiniest waif.

I laugh and sing and have playmates too,

And Jesus tells me all about you.

I've met Great Grandma and Grandpa too,

And we're all waiting to welcome you.

Jesus will wipe away every tear,

The purpose for everything will be clear.

There'll be no more death, sadness or pain,

Only joy, contentment and peace here reign.

Though, for a moment, life seemed unfair,

Eternity will be proof of His care.

What you've given up, for which you grieve,

Can't compare to that which you'll receive.

Your child, born and raised in Heaven,

One day, by the Father, you'll be given.

As heartbreaking as it was to have little Jeremiah stillborn,

he still managed to change the lives of all of us.

Jeremiah came into this world and the next

on January 7, 2003 at 1:07 AM.

He was born in Richmond, VA. His funeral was January 29th.

He was the first born for us and had been so wanted,

anticipated and loved and for the entire pregnancy, even before that.

We tried so hard to have a baby, and took so very good care of him

as long as it was in our hands to do so.

We were ready, but God had something bigger planned.

The Plaque At His Memorial Site and Gravesite

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2005 ...Update ... We now have 2 beautiful boys healthy and happy.

We also moved to Florida! As soon as Grandma Linda gets around to it,

we will have a page for them and link it here.

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This many wonderful people came to see you Jeremiah.

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